Update On The Kandahar Massacre


And this info REALLY raises an eyebrow!

(Just a quick note) Adding more confusion to this official “crazed lone gunman” story (as if it wasn’t convoluted enough), the New York Times has buried a rather interesting fact in a new article this morning about the Kandahar Massacre suspect Staff Sgt Robert Bales.

Turns out his home is already empty and in fact, it’s been empty since right before the incident in Kandahar. Also turns out that his wife contacted a real estate agent and put their family home on the market just 3 days prior to the incident. She put that home up for sale and another home she had owned since before marrying Robert.


A possible reason for the peeing on corpses, burning of Korans and the recent murders in Kandahar:

It’s an election year. Obama had promised to start drawing down troop numbers in Afghanistan to the tune of 20,000 out by September of 2012 but Afghanistan is far from won and even farther from our control. So what happens to the president’s dwindling support from the left when he announces that he is not going to start removing troops from Afghanistan as he promised but rather he is going to start a new “surge” in that quagmire instead? Well, he may not have to worry about that.

The two most recent “accidents” in Afghanistan, the burning of the Korans and the “drunk” soldier who went on a midnight murder spree, look to inflame the tensions in that country to the point where Obama may be “forced” to maintain troop levels or even increase the numbers. But don’t take my word for it. The corporatist media is already promoting the pretext as we speak.


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