Fukushima: No Sparrows

One might expect that sparrows and other small birds would disappear first because of their lower body mass and proportionately higher radiation dosages.

I wanted to mention something that happened on Sunday, 11 Mar, when I was at one of the events in Nagoya, specifically Angel Hiroba. I was listening to a speech being given on the stage and was talking with a woman next to me who happened to be an avid birdwatcher. She told me to listen carefully and look around. 

There were no sparrows.

I thought that they’d probably flown off recently in which mewhere  [sic] nearby where there was less noise, but later as I was walking around downtown Sakae, I noticed that she was right. There was a small flock of pigeons, but not a sparrow to be seen — or heard. Actually, the downtown area was void of any form of birds. I heard one hiyodori in a tree somewhere, but I never did see any sparrows.





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