Afghan Massacre Story Being Fleshed Out

Peeing on Afghan corpses, burning Korans and now the cold-blooded murder of women and children.  Maybe it’s just me, but I see these actions as designed to extend the Empire’s stay in Afghanistan…to keep order!

The US claims the perpetrator to be an unnamed “Army Staff Sergeant who has turned himself in.” There are inconsistencies.

Late Monday update from ABC news: As VT predicted the ‘lone gunman’ story is being flushed out with with ‘past history’ material of brain injury and marital problem rising quickly to the surface.

But no word yet as to how someone could exit an important base like this not noticed by American base security, but as has been reported, noticed by Afghan forces who contacted their NATO counterparts, but did not send a warning to the village.

Left out of today’s ABC news is anything about how a jerrycan of gasoline could have been carried the mile to the village (and why) or a response to the Reuters report of witnesses describing multiple attackers.

ABC has the details of the ‘lone gunman’ having night vision goggles…apparently reporting only what they are being told, which obviously would fit the initial story…but no information about anything that does not fit.


Why would a crazed “lone gunman” bring an accelerant along with him to destroy the evidence of his crimes then rush back to the base and confess?

Leave it to the American government to come up with another “lone gunman” scapegoat.

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