Where IZ Germany’s Gold?

And the USA’s?

Just as pressure has been applied on the Fed by U.S .Rep. Ron Paul to agree  to an audit of U.S. Treasury gold held at Ft. Knox and West Point, Germany may  have to break the rules, too, by stonewalling the country’s elected  representatives on the matter of its gold reserves.

“A clear breach of the law,” top Bilanzrechtler Prof. Jörg Baetge told BILD. “At least every three years to control counts the bars are made. [Google translation]”

When Germany’s controversial member of the Bundestag, Phillip Missfelder,  inquired into the reason for the missed audit by the Bundesbank, the  32-year-old  chairman of the Junge Union received a series of Fed-like  responses from Germany’s central bank.

“I was shocked,” Missfelder told BILD.  “First they said that there was  no list.  Then there were lists that are secret.  Then I was told,  demands endanger the trust between alliance bank and the Fed. [Google translation]”


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