What Happened To Trial By Jury?

Ironic that Holder’s wife was on the PBS program Slavery by Another Name that decried the extra-judicial imprisonment of black citizens after the Civil War.  I guess Holder is a “success” now, in the Obama-Susan Rice-Condoleezza Rice-Colin Powell-Clarence Thomas paradigm of “success.”  I assume that “anywhere” means ANYWHERE!

Speaking today at Northwestern University, Attorney General Eric Holder insisted that the president has an absolute right under the context of the “war on terror” to order the assassination of American citizens overseas saying that the nature of a war against a “stateless enemy” meant that assassinations could happen anywhere.

Insisting that such killings are “legal and constitutional,” Holder also said that President Obama’s decision to assassinate an American citizen in and of itself amounted to “due process,” and that courts are entirely unnecessary.


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