Syria: Recall The Iraq Incubator Story

As I wrote the other week, so-called “Syrian Danny” is simply the PR agent’s spokes-model for another bloody NATO stamped Shock and Awe campaign to destroy the Syrian government as it stands and to allow U.S., British, and Israeli companies into their country to neoliberalize their industry and state-owned wealth. “Syrian Danny” is a British actor, hired to play a psyops role like the many before him in a long line of phony front-men used to gin up support for illegal and immoral invasions for profit.

I found the following video in a collection of videos posted over at Lizzie Phelan’s site. It shows “Syrian Danny” doing a psyop shoot for CNN. Asking for various sound effects like gun-fire prior to the interview and lying about what he was doing an hour ago (he was actually sitting around waiting to do the interview).

Notice he’s not under duress, there are no Syrian troops firing on him or launching mortars at the buildings like he claims. He’s just hanging around talking about getting some sound effects and calmly waiting to do the interview “live from the battle”. It’s complete bullshit.

“Syrian Danny” is actually a British wanna-be actor or news anchor looking to cash in on the globalist’s involvement in his home country Syria.

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