Fraying Coalition of the Willing In Afghanistan

Barack Obama’s “just war” in Afghanistan may be grinding to a bloody halt. Protesters all across the occupied country are throwing themselves into the gears of our imperialist machinery outraged over NATO forces throwing Korans and other religious material into a burn pit at Bagram Air Base.

Our partners in crime, Germany and France, can sense the turning of the tides

“As anti-American protests (and the deaths of protestors) mounted across Afghanistan, the German military made a sudden decision to immediately abandon a 50-man outpost in the north of the country.

… The French have shown a similar inclination to leave town since, earlier this year, four of their troops were blown away (and 16 wounded) by an Afghan army soldier, as three others had been shot down several weeks before by another Afghan in uniform. Both the French and the Germans have also withdrawn their civilian advisors from Afghan government institutions in the wake of the latest unrest.” Asia Times

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