The Ministry of Truth Has Spoken!

Tell me Goebbels would not have been proud.  The bigger the lie…  The USA has gone stark, raving mad.

Tucker Carlson and some Fox News talking head claim that the United States is “the only country that has the rightthe moral authority” to launch preemptive strikes on other nations because we are the only one’s not seeking hegemony in the world.

Carlson goes on… “I do think Iran deserves to be annihilated, I think they’re lunatics, I think they are evil

wow… when outrageous propaganda like this exists without being challenged by every single American regardless of their political alignment, what hope is there for us? This is going beyond Orwell’s wildest nightmares.


  1. One of the 99% says:

    Nothing on Fox “News” is shocking…

  2. The shocking thing to me is that so many believe it’s news.

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