An Interview With Cynthia McKinney

CM: Our “democracy” is neither democratic nor representative!  But… let’s start with what the Jamahiriya means to me. The only stake that I have is that I want to see a free and independent Africa…, but the type of government that Libya has should be determined by the Libyan people.  I don’t really have a say in that … And I shouldn’t have a say in how they dispose of their governmental form … Therefore, it’s inexcusable to ask another country to bomb your fellow countrymen if you really care about your country!

The Jamahiriya — which had the highest living standard in all of Africa — had free education up through the Ph.D. level; free health care, free utilities, subsidized—and free, if you were poor—housing, subsidized food, subsidized transportation, including car expenses… and so, the necessities of life were paid for by the direct democracy known as the Jamahiriya.
Can you imagine…?  I have a cousin who is $120,000 in student debt in the U.S.  She has a Masters degree as a social worker.


  1. I agree. She got my vote in 2008, and I have NO regrets! Many who supported Rev. Deke O’Malley now have regrets. Others still make excuses like, “He’s doing the best he can. He’s under a lot of pressure.” If the expanding wars, the recolonization of Africa, the continuing bankster thefts represent the best that he can do, then he’s the wrong person for the job. Who made him select a souless person like Rice for U.N. Ambassador? Who made him select a Treasury Secretary like Geithner, who can’t even do his taxes? Who made him retain Gates as Defense Secreatary? And how did they make him do these things? Threats? That line of reasoning makes Deke a coward, someone who can bomb children in Libya, Somalia, Pakistan, etc., but fears for his own safety. I don’t believe that he was pressured to do any of that. A cursory examination of his history will reveal that he was selected and accepted the job of doing the bidding of the banksters.

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