Libya: The Fruits of “Humanitarian” Intervention

Killer gangs rage out-of control. Frequent clashes kill civilians and rival insurgents. Militias control local areas and neighborhoods. Thousands of Gaddafi loyalists and Black African guest workers were murdered or held captive and tortured.

“Militias….continue to seize and detain people, outside any legal framework, and hold them in secret detention centers….” Thousands have no way to challenge out-of-control lawlessness or escape from brutal torture.

Detainees AI interviewed described their harrowing experience. They were:

suspended in contorted positions;

beaten with whips, rifle butts, cables, plastic hoses, metal chains, bars, and wooden sticks;

electro-shocked with live wires and taser-like weapons;

burned; and

threatened with rape.

Medical reports confirmed their accounts. With rare exceptions, detainees aren’t tried or given access to lawyers. Several said they confessed to uncommitted crimes to end pain. Others were too scared to speak. NATO and NTC stooges know what’s going on and do nothing.


2011, the Year of the Rabbit, or the “useful idiots“, which included the violent outlaws released from prisons and other criminal elements and dregs of society in Libya, popularly known as the “rats”, brought about some short-term gains for the bankrupt western occupiers.

This included the theft of much of Libya’s financial assets, as well as its oil and water resources, and the theft of Libya’s $32 billion contribution to the total starting fund of $42 for the economic project that was to set Africa free from the IMF and World Bank.

Pan-Africanists were united in recognition of the fact that the war on Libya constituted a war on all Africa

Furthermore, the largest mass violations of human rights took place throughout the past 365 days on a non-stop basis in full view of the world, of which all the media networks and human rights organizations failed to cover, until scant mention at the end of the year.

There is no excuse for the belated and begrudging limited reports on the atrocities by so-called news media networks and so-called human rights organizations, because thousands of the rapes, humiliation, beating to death, impaling of children, massacres, murder of surrendered forces and other actions that are reminiscent of the Ku Klux Klan have been filmed with great pride on the mobile phones of the perpetrators and their supporters.

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