Somebody Please Tell Me Why

the USA is in Afghanistan.

The number of U.S. military deaths in Afghanistan approaches 2,000, which is about the number of civilians killed there annually. Nic Lee, the director of the independent Afghanistan NGO Safety Office, wrote in his year-end report for 2011, “The year was remarkable for being the one in which the US/NATO leadership finally acknowledged the unwinnable nature of its war with the Taliban.”

While on the campaign trail, Obama had said this failure centered on President Bush not having sent enough troops to Afghanistan. And at campaign rallies, he constantly pledged to stop the war in Iraq and turn to the other.

“We will bring this war to an end. We will focus our attention on Afghanistan,” Obama said.

Afghanistan worked so well, the USA destroyed Libya (for “humanitarian reasons”), and is now itching for Syria and Iran.  Meanwhile back at the ranch the USA is crumbling.  What iz the point?

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