What Is Real Will Become Apparent,

even to the mis-educated and deluded.

On February 9, Pew Research published a report titled, “Coming of Age, Slowly, in a Tough Economy,” saying:

Young adults, aged 18 – 24, face harder than ever times finding jobs since WW II. As a result, their lives and futures are affected. Since 2010, only 54% of youths are employed. It’s the lowest figure since data collection began in 1948 and a sharp drop from 62% in 2007.

Moreover, the employment gap between youths and working-age adults is the widest in recorded history at 15%. Since 2007, young adults with full-time jobs saw wages drop 6%. In addition, over 80% of those surveyed believe finding a job today is harder for young people than conditions their parents faced. They also expressed concerns about being ill-prepared for jobs they want for lack of education, training, or other preparation.

As a result, nearly a third went back to school. Another 25% took unpaid work or moved back with parents. One in five delayed marriage plans and child rearing. Whether or not they know it, protracted hard times for years to come will gravely impact their futures.

That’s indeed today’s grim reality. Major media scoundrels suppress it in deceptive reports about improving conditions that don’t exist.



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