How are you going to claim that you are for freedom, justice and equality when you back the man who destroyed Libya and is presiding over the recolonization of Africa, signed the NDAA, has murdering operatives in Syria, and is sanctioning and sabre-rattling at Iran for its non-existent nuclear weapons program?  With black unemployment at the highest levels in 70 years, this has GOT TO BE the dumbest thing that the Black community has done in quite some time.  I won’t even remind you that he claims the right to kill you or imprison you indefinitely without charge or trial.  We got NOTH-ING!

Traditional Black progressive and movement politics has been replaced by fear and sycophantism, as Blacks once again circle the wagons around Obama and contort the events of the last three years to justify their unrequited loyalty to the Banker’s President.” Can the proud African American progressive legacy survive another four years of cowing to the corporate servant in the White House?

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