REALLY Raise A Ruckus!

This is government at its worst.  Selective enforcement of the law for the benefit of a few is no way to run a country.  “Immunity?”  How can there be a immunity when BO said what the banks did was not illegal?  WHAT deeds are being immunized?  You lose your home and you get $1900 and the criminals walk?  

Without considering the guilt or innocence of the five major banks involved, the Obama Administration is poised to let Wall Street off the hook for foreclosures where as many as one million borrowers were “harmed” by robo-signing practices…
With banks paying fines that represent small totals of their annual profits, the settlements have been considered a nicely manageable cost of doing business. But with the preponderance of industry flacks winding up regulating themselves, public outrage hit new highs this fall.

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