Disorder From Libya Spreads

That was some “humanitarian intervention!”

The rebel faction, which calls itself the National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad (NMLA), is a Tuareg movement seeking to create an autonomous region in Mali’s far north. The group has attacked several towns in the area.

NMLA has gotten a considerable boost in recent months as a large number of Tuareg fighters who had been hired as mercenaries for the Libyan Civil War have returned home and brought their weapons with them.


The disorder should not have been a surprise.  It always happens after interventions. 

So: Nine Lessons from Libya:

1) Don’t trust the Western Powers; especially the US, UK, France, Italy and Israel….

2) Don’t hang onto power for too long.Especially when you can transfer it to an intelligent and articulate heir like Saif-Gaddafi.Dad should have done that at least five years ago…

3) Don’t trust the Western Powers…

4) Don’t be left alone.Get a good ally: Russia or China, for example.(Ask Iran, who understands this very well).

5) Don’t trust the Western Powers…

6) Be very wary of Western terror organizations, aka CIA, MI6, Mossad and their private brethren, Blackwater/Xe, Halliburton and others.

7) Don’t trust the Western Powers…

8 ) Don’t let the “Western Media” handle global news of what’s happening in your country.Russian, Chinese, Iranian, Latin American media outlets are growing to become of crucial importance.

9) Lastly, don’t trust the Western Powers!


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