Collateral Savages

And yet Franklin suggested rum for the “extirpation” of the the “savages.”

“Having few artificial wants, they have abundance of leisure for improvement by conversation. Our laborious manner of life, compared with theirs, they esteem slavish and base; and the learning, on which we value ourselves, they regard as frivolous and useless.”—from his Remarks Concerning the Savages of North America

With social networking, who needs face-to-face conversations? Slaves to bogus needs and virtual thrills, we have become estranged from the real, with our savage instincts, suppressed, flaring up as conceits or pathologies. Often they explode overseas, as the T-shirt says: TRAVEL TO EXOTIC LANDS, MEET INTERESTING PEOPLE THEN KILL THEM.

The true history reveals who were the “savages” and who were civilized:

There must be in their social bond something singularly captivating, and far superior to anything to be boasted among us;  for thousands of Europeans are Indians, and we have no examples of even one of the Aborigines having from choice become Europeans.

-Hector St. Jean Crevecoeur in Letters from An American Farmer

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