Black America: Paralyzed, Powerless, Irrelevant

It was with great sadness that I watched a news clip of sisters working in BO’s local re-election office, working for a man who claims the right to kill them without charge or trial; a man who is leading the recolonization of Africa.  I want to say it’s insanity to keep from saying we be dumb.  Disagree?   Speak up.  There’s the comment button! 

Next week will mark the third anniversary of Barack Obama’s inauguration, and the unveiling of his fourth budget. Already White House spokespeople admit that it will be bad news for black and poor Americans. In three years this president has investigated and prosecuted not a single Wall Street banker or institution, not held up the wave of foreclosures a single week, not addressed the issues of black unemployment or black mass incarceration. But black America has silenced itself to protect the career of the First Black President…

The highly questionable political strategy of withholding back black demands for economic or social justice and peace, so as not to embarrass, pressure or visibly tie the black presidential candidate, and later the black president to his base was so widely accepted that by mid 2007 it was a staple of black stand-up comedy routines. Three years into the Obama era, the silencing of black demands lest they embarrass the president is no longer a tactic. It’s a religion, rigorously enforced by the black misleadership class and its wannabees, who fall over each other in their eagerness to mock and scorn heretics like Tavis Smiley and Cornel West for daring to highlight the fact that black poverty and joblessness are at levels not seen in seventy years.

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