34 Shocking Facts About U.S. Debt

But do our leaders care about statistics such as these?


In fact, Barack Obama says that we need to raise the debt limit by another 1.2 trillion dollars.

The absurdity of raising the debt limit when we are already in so much debt is beautifully illustrated by the video posted below….


In 2012, a total of 7,600,000,000,000 dollars of debt must be rolled over by the G-7 nations, Brazil, Russia, India and China.

That doesn’t even count new borrowing.  That number just represents old debts that are coming due that must be refinanced.

Anyone out there that insists that this debt bubble can be fixed under our current system is lying.

A massive amount of financial pain is coming.



  1. One of the 99% says:

    Given the decline in birth rates, there will come a time where we can’t pass the debt off to the next generation. Hopefully, I won’t be around when that happens. LOL!

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