Brilliant Apology to Obama

The historical references are great!  After you read this article, please review yesterday’s video on the Psychopaths-That-Be, and consider Colby’s below remark.

As ex-CIA Director William Colby once said, “I have definitional problems with the word ‘violence.’ I don’t know what the word ‘violence’ means.”…

I also apologize for describing you as the moral opposite of Rev. Martin Luther King, because he was anti-war while you have been making wars at the drop of a bomb. Whose to say MLK would criticize your wars in Libya, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq, and Yemen, right? And that’s just a half dozen countries out of 200, so what’s the big deal? You’re only trying to be friendly as you expand the number of U.S. military bases abroad. We’ve only got 900.

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