On Climate Change nee Global Warming

I am a skeptic.  I am a skeptic for two reasons.  The first reason is the people who support the theory: Gore, Obama, the corporate media, etc.  But even they have a hard time keeping straight faces when Obama touted the”overwhelming scientific evidence,” as you can see on this video:

The second reason is there is much evidence of lost or fudged data that supports the theory:

Scroll down to #5 at the below link and you will see data like this:
The foreign media has reported on NASA and NOAA exposed for intentional manipulation of temperature datam, including the removal of sensors from colder areas and the artificial inclusion and emphasis on warmer data often from wholly inappropriate remote regions.
It has been documented and ruled in a British court of law that Al Gore’s film and inconvenient truth contained numerous factual errors. In one notable case, a film sequence showing the destruction of the polar caps, turned out to be a fake; a computer-generated sequence from the science-fiction movie the “Day after tomorrow”.
The actual ice core data from Greenland shows not only that the ice has survived much warmer periods without melting, but also that 9,099 out of the last 10,500 years were warmer than 2010!
And this:
And this:
Just as Martin Luther paid the price for his dissent, Dr. Harold Lewis is experiencing a sharp backlash in the wake of his Oct. 6 resignation letter from the prestigious American Physical Society (APS). After 67 years as a member, Dr. Lewis – emeritus professor of physics and former department chairman at the University of California, Santa Barbara – parted ways because of his “revulsion” over the climate change “fraud” perpetrated by what he felt was science distorted by money.
Are you a skeptic?  Why was Congress laughing at Obama?  Why manipulate the data, if the case is strong?  Speak up. 

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