Colonialism Again in Vogue

The EU is also seeking to separate the policies it has toward the ACP – African, Caribbean, Pacific – countries and the OCTs. The ACPs are nations that were once colonies of EU countries but have since achieved independence. It is clear that the EU has no intention of seeing any more OCTs join the ranks of the ACP, thus a totally different policy on OCTs is being adopted, one that reflects the fact that the EU nations’ «strategically important outposts» will remain under EU tutelage for the foreseeable future. In the EU’s own «Newspeak» language, the OCTs are to maintain their to their EU masters because of the «close historical, institutional, and political ties» to the EU. 

The colonies are also expected to start adopting internal EU rules and standards, which may include the imposition of unelected governments by economic overlords in territories that face political or financial instability. Such internal «rules and standards» imposing unelected governments have recently been applied to Greece and Italy, which are now governed by technocrats and bankers.

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