Yes, he’s playing stupid, but

how stupid do Congress and the Administration look for allowing this megatheft?

Rob Tornoe - The Press of Atlantic City - Corzines Lost Money - English - Jon Corzine, MF Global, New JerseySergeant Schultz from Hogan’s Heroes: “I hear nothing. I see nothing! I know nothing!”

Former MF Global Holdings CEO Jon Corzine: “I’m not aware … I’m not an expert … I may be unable to respond to various questions…I simply have no personal knowledge…I don’t have records to confirm…To the best of my recollection … If I’m not mistaken…Um…ah…uh…I was stunned…I simply do not know where the money is…There were many transactions that occurred in those last chaotic days. It would be very hard for me to speculate…I never intended to break any rules…”

How does $1.2 billion disappear from customer accounts without an explanation in sight? Mr. Corzine, who has served as a Democratic U.S. senator, governor of New Jersey and even chairman of Goldman Sachs, has clearly reached that point in an executive’s career where it’s better to look stupid than guilty.

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