The Electric Sun Confirmed!

  • Voyager has detected a 100-fold increase in the intensity of high-energy electrons entering our solar system from elsewhere in the galaxy.

Is the idea of the sun as a RECEPTOR of energy from elsewhere new?  People, please read a little history and look at the undisputed scientific evidence: The temperature in the sun’s atmosphere is many times that on the surface (photosphere).  That temperature gradient implies that energy is traveling toward the sun’s center, not away from it.  Visit “the Electric Universe” article in the Information of Interest section of this site, and consider the possibility that what you have been taught is wrong.

…The double star of Sirius-which for Pharaonic Egypt played the role of a central sun to our entire solar system-today suggests the existence of a cosmic system of atomic structure whose nucleus is this “Great Provider,” the Sothis [Sirius] of the ancients.  There might well be a need to revise our [Western] cosmology in the not-to-distant future.

Rene A. Schwaller De Lubicz, Sacred Science, Inner Traditions, Ltd., Rochester, VT, 1982, p.28.  Originally published in French in 1961.

Speaking of Pharaohs, they were NOT bad guys; only portrayed as such.  Obviously the Pharaohs presided over civilizations of high learning, their people were fed, and they had the best physicians in the world.  Think about it, and, again, consider the possibility that what you have been taught is wrong.


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