What Democratic Western World?

The US Senate just killed the American Constitution,  Now this from Europe:

To prepare the groundwork for full scale QE, – the monetization of toxic debts, – the political cronies in Berlin and Paris are maneuvering towards a new arrangement that would blackmail member states of the Euro, into surrendering their sovereignty over fiscal policy. Meeting with French president Nicolas Sarkozy and the new Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti on Nov 24th, Germany’s Merkel presented proposals for changes in the EU treaties within a few days. The aim is to give Brussels the means to enforce even harsher austerity measures, – such as deeper spending cuts and higher taxes, without giving a political voice to the working class that must endure the austerity measures. Those who violate the Stability and Growth Pact “must be called to account,” and sanctioned, Merkel insisted.


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