Most Americans Are Afraid To Discuss This

issue that “changed everything.”  Even stark facts that are fatal to the official 911 conspiracy theory–like at least 7 of the accused 19 Arab hijackers were alive after 911 and the victims of identity theft–will not free Americans from their fear of examining THE FACTS of this very crucial issue; or prompt Obama to look backward.  Instead, the fact-bearers are castigated as “conspiracy theorists” in the Orwellian sense of the words, and Building 7, a 47-story building not hit by an airplane that collapsed in its own footprint, has yet to be explained in the official inquiry of the 911 event.  This is preposterous!!!   Why don’t most Americans discuss this issue?  Fear?  Hey, the plan is for you to be dead or a slave anyway; you are playing with house money!  Have a factual discussion with your friends.   Research the matter.  What you believe, however interesting as opinion, should not be the basis for your discussion.  Be Sgt. Fridays, “Just the facts!”

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