What America Looks Like

In the last days of the American Empire it was written for future historians, if there are any:

And no one in the Congress, the Obama White House, the courts or the press, all beholden to corporate money, will step in to stop or denounce the assault on families. Our ruling elite, including Barack Obama, are courtiers, shameless hedonists of power, who kneel before Wall Street and daily sell us out. The top corporate plutocrats are pulling down $900,000 an hour while one in four children depends on food stamps to eat.

I am reminded of one of my favorite books and wonder if we, the species, will ever learn:

…Greece declined because men came to distrust reason and Rome fell because it tried to maintain an exclusively privileged society wherein the rich were enervated and the poor alienated…

-Peter Calvocoressi and Guy Wint in Total War.



  1. Felt so hopeless looking for asewnrs to my questions…until now.

  2. Glad you found something of value. Please visit again and share the site with your correspondents.

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