The Fed-Owned Congress

  Even as we get closer to complete economic chaos and bankruptcy induced by a corrupt system of debt-money, we still hear those in congress repeating the catechism of Fed “independence.” In effect, they have pledged to maintain the independence of the privately owned “Fed” — exactly what the great banking historian, Murray Rothbard, called “an absolute self-perpetuating oligarchy.”
      Independence from whom?  For What?  For how long?  To what end?
      In any case, the independent bank scam enables turning what would be our debt-free national investments into interest-bearing debt slavery.  As a result of nearly a hundred years of this monetary servitude, the money mafia game is now on the verge of imploding, both domestically and globally, and taking with it our prosperity, economy and democracy – as well as that of many nations sinking under the same tyranny.

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