Post Gaddafi Libya

Why hasn’t Obama stepped to this horror?  Why did he intervene in the first place?  Why are African-Americans mostly silent on these issues?  What would Garvey, King and Malcolm say?  Cognitive dissonance? Or as a community have we been mutated such that we now reject the wisdom of Fanon: “..what matters is not so much the colour of your skin as the power you serve and the millions you betray.”  Somehow, this Colin Powell-Condoleezza Rice-Susan Rice-Barack Obama-Herman Cain-Clarence Thomas vision of “African-American success” must be purged from our psyche.  It’s just IGNANT!  Leave a comment.  Share YOUR vision on the issues that are raised above.

“There have also been reports of women held in detention in the absence of female guards and under male supervision, and of children detained alongside adults,” says the report.

A number of black Africans were lynched following the revolution following claims, often false, that they were hired guns for the Gaddafi regime. The city of Tawerga, mainly comprised of residents originally from sub-Saharan countries, was largely destroyed by rebel fighters from neighbouring Misrata. The port city had withstood a prolonged and brutal siege in the hands of the regime forces during which, it is claimed, fighters from Tawerga were particularly aggressive and brutal.

The report says that ”sub-Saharan Africans, in some cases accused or suspected of being mercenaries, constitute a large number of the detainees. Some detainees have reportedly been subjected to torture and ill treatment. Cases have been reported of individuals being targeted because of the colour of their skin.”

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