Do not sleep next to that pod (TV)!

I may be wrong and I hope I am, but I suspect that many Americans and Canadians and all Westerners are willingly ignorant. Meaning they are ignorant about what is going on and happy to be that way. And no matter how much evidence you show them they will say “That’s Conspiracy Nonsense”. “Do you wear an aluminum hat on your head so the government wont send signals directly into your brain”? “You think everything is a conspiracy”. “I refuse to believe the government does such things”. “Do you realize what your accusing our government of”? Like our government hasn’t done horrible things in the past! If I’m right, most westerners will never change their minds. One reason is they might be ashamed to admit to other people and most of all to themselves, how wrong they were. That they believed most of the lies they were told.
Look at Iraq, most Americans supported going in [Not sure that’s accurate.  There were 100s of thousands of demonstrators in D.C. before the war; and Congress critters reported their e-mail was against the war by about 9:1.  What is true is that the opposition vaporized quickly, and Americans gave quiet acquiesence to the atrocity.  And now we get daily doses of “the sacrifice of our troops” etc.]  and it should be clear to everyone that it was all based on lies. [Should be!] Now over a million are dead and it isn’t even over yet. It is pretty tough admitting you supported a illegal war that committed so much carnage. Most of the American people have enabled this government to commit unspeakable horrors around the world.
This is why I said before, we are doomed. Unless all western people wake up and smell the coffee, we don’t have a chance.
We are under the control of psychopaths! They don’t have any conscience what so ever. If they did, there would be an outcry over what is going on in Gaza, that would silence the Israeli Lobby. Most of the outrage is from the public. There is very little being done by western governments to stop it.
Saddam had his neck-stretched, for the Iraqi’s he killed! If you believe in punishment in proportion to the crime committed, what should George Bush and his accomplices get for what they have done to Iraq and the rest of the world???
Again until the people of America and the rest of the west wake up, there is no hope for change. If we don’t change, we are doomed. The psychopaths have to be removed from power and held accountable for their crimes. People that crash planes into buildings, killing thousands and forge documents and tell countless lies to start wars the kill and maim millions of innocent people and feel absolutely no remorse what so ever, are clearly not normal people. I don’t need a college degree to figure that out. How do I know they don’t feel any guilt? They have used the same strategy to start a second war with Iran. Only this time Russia has warned that any attack against Iran will be considered an attack against Russia. Good for the Russians! I never thought I would applaud for the Russians over America. Right is right.
One thing is sure, we live in a very interesting time! Lets hope we survive what is coming!

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