“Serf to his money masters”

Is that true?  What is your opinion?  Speak up. Iz he iz, or iz he ain’t???

Every American president sets the stage for the next one, in order to continue the work in progress that has been set for him by the global corporate elite.  Mr. Obama has been a faithful serf to his money masters, and he played his cards carefully and correctly, therefore, he will deserve a second term.

However, living beyond our means by financing an empire that we can’t afford through borrowing massive amounts of money from the global financial elite embodied in the private Federal Reserve, and accruing more and more debt can go so far before the empire of cards collapses on itself.      

As a result, one final option is left for Mr. Obama to get himself re-elected. Like his predecessor, he must engage the United States in a new contrived low intensity conflict triggered by a false flag operation at home or abroad. Where else would be better to conduct this crusade than the Middle East where oil is plentiful and war is easier to sell to the American public, because the region has already been demonized through propaganda, and labeled as a perpetual crucible of conflict?                    

A conflict between neighbor who is only armed with a pocket knife and a wealthy neighbor who is armed with a tank, a plane, and a rifle shouldn’t be classified as a war, but as an unequal, unfair incident with a known result, which will make the wealthy neighbor look like a bigger bully to the rest of the block. Subsequently and out of fear, looting of resources becomes an easier task as people would hand out their goods to stay alive.

Therefore, these so called Orwellian, perpetual wars like in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan and other hot spots in the world are not actually wars, but low intensity contrived battles designed to distract Americans from real issues, commit a grand theft of other countries’ resources, create jobs in the MIC, increase military and contractual spending, and slowly but steadily implement population reduction.



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