Noticing Changes on Returning to the USA

The author lists the changes he noticed and predicts that late 2012 will be the time of increased civil disorder.  Could the Mayans have been right???  🙂  I disagree with the author about Social Security being broke.  The Federal Government under Clinton “borrowed” money from the Social Security Trust Fund and now does not want to pay it back.  (The PTB need the money for more bombs and Wall Street bailouts and bonuses.) If that money were paid back, Social Security would be healthy.  Very interesting comments.

For now, Americans are still investing in the political process. Come next year, though, all the hope that’s building up will turn quickly into disappointment… and then anger. Then they’ll take that anger to the streets.

This is what happens when governments go bust. It’s happened numerous times throughout history, and it’s playing out right now from Greece to Argentina.

Social unrest becomes commonplace. Governments engage in financial repression, giving rise to asset seizures, inflation, and capital controls. Militarized police states categorize ordinary citizens into combatants and non-combatants. Collateral damage becomes an acceptable risk. Society turns on itself, and crime rates soar.

Watching the farce of America’s political theater play out, it’s clear that this ticking time bomb will go off after Election Day 2012. As polarized as voters are, and as dismal the federal balance sheet is, there’s little chance of society keeping it together afterwards.

What’s happening right now is merely an overture… and you can mark a date on your calendar for when the real fun begins.

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