Collapse of Western Civilization?

Certainly the collapse of the predatory economic system.  Thanks to Jawara for forwarding this article.

Renowned economist Martin Armstrong says, “What this is really about is it’s the entire Western civilization that’s starting to crumble.”  In an interview Monday on King World News, Armstrong warned, “Everything is falling apart and the politicians will not address it because it means having to change the system and that’s what they do not want to do.  The real big money that I speak to, they are really starting to look beyond Italy, Greece, Spain and Portugal.  They are starting to look at France and Germany.” (Click here for the complete KWN Armstrong interview.)  Armstrong goes on to say, “They have borrowed year after year with no intention of paying it back.  The US had $1 trillion of debt when Ronald Reagan took office in 1980.  We are now pressing [OVER!] $15 trillion of debt.”

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