War is the Health of the State

Our country is not healthy because we have parasitic class who control the people we elect to office. They respond to this group of the ruling elite, not to the will of the people. The people do not want anymore wars. They want the troops to come home now. We want our borders secured. They are growing very suspicious of the Federal Reserve. People want the immigration laws enforced. They people are tired seeing the criminals in government and in the corporate world walk free. The president is ramming an agenda down the people throats that will destroy the well being and the livelihoods of many Americans who depend on their skill or trade for a living. We want the out of control government spending stopped and our debt problem start to be solved. The people have had it with both parties in congress doing nothing. They are tired of the powerful protecting themselves. The people do not trust the government anymore and have lost all faith in them. They people are tired of the two party system, they want true fundamental change now.

              We are seeing the rise in the alternative media making in roads. The internet is the dominate to bring the information the old main stream media were the gatekeepers withholding this from the people.


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