Obama’s Legacy is Betrayal???

You only feel betrayed, if you expected hope and change.  A cursory look at Obama’s record would have revealed that he was a candidate who was selected by the PTB.  He dropped out of Occidental College only to be admitted to Columbia, where nobody remembers him and his records are sealed.  He went on to Harvard Law School, where he became Editor of the Law Review without ever having written a single article.  He worked for a company that is widely reported to be a CIA front.  His record as an Illinois State Senator was one of many “present” votes and no significant legislation written.  He worked for a company that is widely reported to be a CIA front.  Nevertheless this obscure, do-nothing legislator was granted the immense honor of the keynote address at the Democratic Convention in 2004.  While a US Senator, he claimed to be against the Iraq War, but voted to fund that war on numerous occasions.  He voted FOR the Wall Street bailouts, and of course Wall Street firms were his largest contributors.  He promised to filibuster FISA, but voted for it.  He  has renewed the so-called, “Patriot Act.”  Obama declared during the Presidential election campaign that Afghanistan is “the right war,” however oxymoronic that might be.  He now claims the legal right to murder Americans, but the legal rationale (as noted in a post below) is, wait-for-it, secret.  If one looked at that record, and did not see the PTB brand stamped all over him, then, well, maybe you should have looked again.   


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