The Washington Post on Social Security

It’s time to accept the fact that the Post is no longer a reputable newspaper. It’s been criticizing [sic] again and again for its slanted and biased reporting, and yet it refuses to correct itself. It requires extraordinary credulity to keep assuming this is accidentally sloppy reporting.

What the Post does isn’t journalism. It’s propaganda dressed up in a newspaper outfit, going door to door to its subscribers and shouting, “Trick or treat!” The problem is, we keep getting the trick instead of the treat.

Be sure to click on the Fact Sheet at the end of the link.


  1. Not sure what you mean by “it has been covered.” Did you mean that the Post is no longer a news organ, or the social security issue? And if you meant the social security issue, HOW did the so-called “mainstream media” cover it? I quote the linked article: “…organizations like the Post suppress or distort their views while relentlessly promoting those of their powerful and well-funded opponents, often in the guise of “news” articles.” I appreciate your comment. Please visit us again and share your views.

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