Fanon Told Us About Self-Hatred

in Black Skin, White Masks.

One of the most unique characteristics of the Obama administration is its willingness to commit atrocities throughout the world whenever they appear overwhelmed and clueless about how to handle dilemmas, which are connected to health care, employment and a faltering economy inside US borders. This reveals that President Obama had come to the conclusion that killing Qadaffi in the streets of Libya would wash the bitter taste of the Nazi-like execution of Troy Davis in the state of Georgia out of our mouths and memory, collectively speaking. When it came to the question of Libya, the Obama administration even decided to involve First Lady Michelle Obama and their two beautiful daughters Sasha and Malia in a campaign aimed at diverting attention away from the barbaric and cowardly US-NATO led attacks on innocent women, children and all citizens of the country.

The decision for the First Lady and her two children to visit South Africa was hardly an innocent trip aimed at embracing our African roots, because after all, the First Lady told Barbara Walters in 2008 she doesn’t even consider herself a Black American. She is an American plain and simple.


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