The Big Bang, Dark Matter and Other Nonsense

 THINK about it.  If the Big Bang was the explosion of a ball of very dense matter/energy that created the universe, WHERE was the ball???

The ‘epicycles’ being added to the Big Bang are physically absurd. For instance, consider the invention of ‘dark matter’ that responds to gravity but is electromagnetically undetectable. Matter is an electromagnetic phenomenon, so how is this possible? More recently, ‘dark energy’ has been added because observations interpreted by means of the Big Bang hypothesis suggest that the universe is not merely expanding but the expansion is accelerating. Ignoring the absurdity of having all of the matter in the universe expanding from a non-physical point, perhaps the wildest epicycle is that of ‘inflation’ following the inexplicable creation event.  Inflation is the doubling in size of the universe about one hundred times in 10-35 second! Inflation was invented merely to satisfy mismatches of mathematical theory with observations. The Big Bang is, by scientific standards, an execrable hypothesis that is not predictive and defies the principles of physics and common sense…

 The astronomer Tom Van Flandern documented “The Top 30 Problems with the Big Bang.” He wrote, “Perhaps never in the history of science has so much quality evidence accumulated against a model so widely accepted within a field”

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