More War Talk About Iran

Libya was a cake walk. The next nations on the list, however, won’t be so easy to destroy and conquer. Those nations, Pakistan, Iran, Syria, and Lebanon, will not surrender until the point of complete destruction.

They will fight back aggressively and inflict damage on America and Israel on a scale that will lead to more brutality and cruelty. The illusions of modern civilization will be shattered to dust. The resolve and institutions of American and Israeli society will be tested. Pressure will be put on all sides.

The response to a crazy Israeli/U.S. attack on Iran and other nations will force the Israeli and American governments to use nukes to end the war. We are looking at tens of millions of dead bodies across the Middle East. Cities will be reduced to rubble.

The Israeli-U.S. end game in the Middle East is hell on earth, paving the way for the conquest of a new world authoritarian government.

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