Was Dr. Lee Warren Correct

about no difference between Republicans and Democrats?  All of us remember Bush II with his lying about WMD and the destruction of Iraq.  We have seen that Obama did not keep his promise to get the troops out of Iraq on his first day in office.  We saw Obama support the renewal of the Patriot Act and his upping of the ante in the deadly game of war with his expansion of the war in Aghanistan, the “humanitarian” war on Libya, and the bombings in Somalia.  We have seen Obama’s claimed right to kill Americans without charge or trial, but what about Clinton?  Wasn’t he a “good” President?  Recall that Clinton promoted NAFTA that sent American jobs overseas for the benefit of corporations.  Recall that Clinton signed the repeal of the Glass-Steagal Act that prevented the reckless banking practices that culminated in the crash of 2008.  But Clinton’s venality did not end there.  Witness:


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