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Is Nuremberg A Good Place For The Trial?

Former Congressman Dennis Kucinich, who worked in the House of Representatives to stop the military action in Libya, secretly recorded a phone call with Gaddafi’s son during NATO’s siege. Gaddafi expressed his confusion to Kucinich saying:

“The people here are fighting terrorists and gangsters. And we have their names, their photos – everything. And they’re well-known. And all of them are less than one thousand in the whole country. So, I mean, can you imagine a country like the United States forgetting about six million Libyans and supporting one thousand gangsters and terrorists?”…

A reminder of the REAL reasons for the destruction of Libya from the Information of Interest section:

The war-as always- was about the money and power.  It had NOTHING to do with “humanitarianism.”  Now are you “Ready for Hillary?”

More On The New AG

On matters of policy, Ms. Lynch called capital punishment “an effective penalty” and said she disagreed with Mr. Obama’s statements that marijuana was no more harmful than alcohol. She called the National Security Agency’s collection of American phone records “certainly constitutional, and effective.”

– From the New York Times article: Criticism of Holder Dominates Hearing on Loretta Lynch, Attorney General’s Possible Successor

Eric Holder made a career out of protecting and coddling financial oligarchs (his 1999 memo essentially invented “Too Big to Jail”). This was such a lucrative decision for Mr. Holder, that it allowed him to climb all the way to the top of his profession. The dividends that supporting this man ultimately paid to Wall Street criminals were priceless. Not only were they bailed out despite wrecking the U.S. economy, they have since funneled all of the wealth gains since 2008 to themselves, while remaining above the law. This truly remarkable heist is what both Barack Obama and Eric Holder will be remembered for by history. Congratulations guys.

When Eric Holder announced his resignation, many of us breathed a sigh of relief thinking it can’t get much worse, but not so fast. The authoritarian streak and rampant cronyism of the Obama administration is a well oiled machine. You didn’t think you’d get off that easily did you? Enter Loretta Lynch.

I’ve touched upon Mrs. Lynch’s record previously, in the post, Wall Street Journal Reports Obama’s Attorney General Nominee Has Been Involved in $904 Million in Asset Forfeitures. Here’s an excerpt:

As a prosecutor Ms. Lynch has also been aggressive in pursuing civil asset forfeiture, which has become a form of policing for profit. She recently announced that her office had collected more than $904 million in criminal and civil actions in fiscal 2013, according to the Brooklyn Daily Eagle. Liberals and conservatives have begun to question forfeiture as an abuse of due process that can punish the innocent.

Naturally, that was just the tip of the iceberg. What we have learned from her ongoing confirmation hearing is that she’s a lover of NSA spying and the death penalty, while disagreeing with the statement that “marijuana is no more harmful than alcohol.”

I wonder if she has much personal experience to base this opinion on, or if it’s just more of the same we “know what’s best for you plebs, despite the fact that we have no idea what we are talking about.”

Meet the new Attorney General, same as the old. From the New York Times:

Ms. Lynch had steeled herself for tough questioning from a new Republican-controlled Judiciary Committee, particularly on her views of President Obama’s immigration policy. But the questioning was mostly cordial, and, most important, the Republicans on the committee who hold the key to Ms. Lynch’s confirmation — she needs three of their votes to proceed to a vote by the full Senate — showed little opposition.

Of course it was cordial. Other than perhaps immigration, she basically espouses complete and total neo-con principals…

Yes, she will be confirmed.

The BBC Has A Problem With Critical Thinking

The venerable BBC has published a hit-piece directed at high school kids who can think for themselves and ask serious questions about the questionable, dubious Charlie Hebdo false flag operation.

Under the guise of protecting those all important “French Values” (don’t forget Vichy France and the long, bloody history of French colonization) the BBC has recently lamented that some kids over there across the channel don’t seem to be jumping on board the establishment short bus with the rest of the kids and that predominantly, those who aren’t come from less than affluent sectors of French society. Predominantly, that is. Not exclusively. Seems a few affluent children are tainted with the curiosity bug as well.

And yes, it’s all the fault of the dreaded free and open internet. Guess we got to fix that to save “free speech” and all….

Karim, from Saint-Denis, just north of Paris, does not believe the official account of the attack on the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.

“I don’t know who did this, but they are not Muslims,” says the 18-year-old, standing outside his school.

One of his friends finds it “deeply suspicious” that Said Kouachi should leave his identity card in the car.

Such doubts are rife among the Muslim teenagers living in the deprived “banlieues” (suburbs) around French cities. “Of course it was staged,” scoffs Lydia, 17, who goes to school in Argenteuil, east of Paris. “All my friends know that.” BBC “news”

As the story winds along demonizing the poor and Muslim communities via their kids, eventually the BBC has to admit, lack of faith in the official story isn’t exclusive to those socioeconomic indicators.

“But Gabrielle Derameaux says the sought-after secondary school in a plush part of Paris where she teaches literature does face serious challenges. She was alarmed when some pupils who had never shown any sign of radicalism blamed intelligence services for the Charlie Hebdo killings.

“They were defiant,” she says. “I represented the official version, and they had access to a hidden truth.” BBC “news”

What you see here is a natural occurrence born of an unnatural process.

The teachers have been processed. They have made their way through the channels of higher education which has instilled in them a baseless absolute trust of the institutions that constitute their daily lives. Media, government, military, secret services, police, even the concept of “French values” as upstanding and humanitarian by design… all of these things have been programed into our little teacher over there that their motives are always pure and beyond reproach.

And her once curious nature, her “childish” obsession to explore other possibilities, to question authority, to challenge assumptions when they clearly should be challenged, have been suppressed in order for her to achieve a “responsible” position in the community.

It is amazing to this “teacher” that the kids were “defiant” in the face of her reasonableness in spite of the fact that the “hidden truth” is only such to the extent that one wishes it to be so.

Ultimately this piece of trash from the BBC concludes with yet another hint at shutting down or controlling content on the internet as they claim it’s really the digital influences that seem to be filling the heads of France’s children with these “radical” ideas.

Across the country teachers are waging an ideological battle they thought had been won a century ago. In an age that combines new digital technology and old religious fervour, some are not sure they are winning. BBC “news”

Ironically, the ideological battle they claim they are waging is for free speech…

Are Sanctions On Russia Productive?

One of the greatest foreign policy blunders of the Obama Administration was the push by the U.S. for economic sanctions against Russia. That led to Russia fleeing into the arms of China for refuge. In response, Russia, Europe’s largest and most populated country, is now intent on moving its vast storehouse of resources eastward, strengthening America’s largest emerging rival.

Over the last two years, the two countries have completed a $700 billion agreement for Russia to deliver energy to China, amounting to about 17% of Chinese annual supply, for a period covering twenty years, with China financing much of the initial costs of pipeline construction….